Media appearances

On 9th June 2021 – I was interviewed by NRK (Norwegian public broadcaster) about whether Facebook listens to us.

On 12 April 2021 – I was interviewed for the Israeli television channel DemocratTV to talk about how Facebook engineers our political discourse, normalizes surveillance and harms our democracies.

20 February 2021 – I’m interviewed for BBC News Entertainment on Martin Scrosese’s criticism of streaming services algorithms “Are streaming algorithms really damaging film?

17 July 2020 – I’m interviewed in an article on Cnet on whether technology is presented in a negative way in films. “Future shocks past and present: William Gibson on fiction’s fear of tech“.

28 May 2020 -I’m interviewed about my book Media Distortions in the New Books Network podcast with Dave O’Brien.

12 April 2019 – I’m interviewed about my research in the Digital sociology podcast with Chris Till.

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