Conference Organization

18-19 June 2019 – “DIPRC2019 – Digital Inclusion Policy and Research 2019“. Liverpool University, London Campus. Keynote speakers: Renata Avila and Auska Ovando (Ciudandania Inteligente, Chile), Professor Ellen Helsper (L.S.E.), Professor Payal Arora (Erasmus University, Rotterdam). Speakers from more than 20 countries across the world.

24 April 2018 – “The data mass: Between micro targeting and macro mobilisation”. New Political Communication Unit’s annual conference. Speakers: Frederike Kaltheuner (Privacy International), Joshua Franco (Amnesty International), Katja Bego (Nesta), Claudia Aradau (King’s College), Margie Cheesman (Oxford Internet Institute) and Matthew Hall (Royal Holloway.

6 November 2015 – “We Can Do it! Women, Activism and Technology – Bridging Theory and Practice”. Panel speakers: Janet Gunter, Becky Kazansky and Zara Rahman.

26 February 2015 – Co-Organised with Prof. Marianne Franklin “Defending Human Rights in a Digital Age”. Hosted by the Global Media and Transnational Communications programme, Media Forum, and the Radical Media Forum. Speakers: Caspar Bowden (Independent Privacy Researcher), Hanane Boujemi (Hivos International: MENA region), Catherine Easton (University of Lancaster/Internet Rights and Principles Coalition), Sherif Elsayed-Ali (Amnesty International), Becky Kazansky (Tactical Technology Collective), Gavin McFadyen (Centre for Investigative Journalism).

23 January 2015 – I curated Radical Media Forum’s Cyborg vs. Cyborg screening series – The female version take over with Ghost in the Shell (1995) vs. Æon Flux (2005). Introduction by Professor Sara Kember.

23 October 2014 – “Digging Sound: Methods and Sites in Sound Archaeology”. Speakers: Dr. Mara Mills (New York University), Dr. Katherine Fennely (Manchester University) and Tom Tlalim (Goldsmiths).

30 November 2013 – Part of the organisation of London Crypto Festival.

14 November 2013 – Co-organised with Andrea Nunez Casal – “Re-Configuring the Immune System: Bodies, Words and Worlds”. Speakers: Professor Lucy Suchman (Lancaster University), Professor Margit Shildrick (Linkoping University, Sweden), Dr. Alex McLean (Leeds University) and Mr. Amir Carmi (Comsecure LTD, Israel).

Workshops organization

2017-2018Rethinking Politics in Data Times Seminar Series. New Political Communication annual seminar series, Department of Politics & International Relations, Royal Holloway, University of London, UK.

This is a monthly seminar series inviting scholars from different fields to discuss how data changes the way we discuss, analyse, argue and think about politics. Invited speakers: Dr. Lina Dencik (Cardiff University), Dr. Maria Repnikova (Georgia State University), Dr. Anna Feigenbaum (Bournemouth University), Dr. Jennifer Pybus (King’s College), Dr. Anastasia Denisova (Westminster University).

14 January 2017Coding Advertising. Designed for third years BA Advertising students, London College of Communication, University of the Arts, London.

A full day of lecture and workshop with Laura Laugwitz from the organisation Rails Girls Berlin. This organisation is a non-profit organisation meant to close the gender gap in IT by teaching women to code as well as providing a supportive environment and female role models. The day will start with a lecture from Laugwitz about what empowerment means, and the over-use of the slogan – “Girl Power”. Then we conducted 5 hours workshop of beginners coding (Ruby).

12-13 January 2016 Shake it Off – Hacking Advertising. Breaking the old (industry) and shaping the future! Designed for third years BA Advertising students, London College of Communication, University of the Arts, London.

Two days of workshops, where LCC BA Advertising students explored how they can develop ethical digital advertising practices. Day 1 – Tuesday 12th January: Obfuscation Workshop with designer/activist Mushon Zer Aviv. Day 2 – Wednesday 13th January: Hacking the web with Baycloud workshop.

Autumn 2014- Spring 2015 – Co-organised with Mihaela Brebenel – Training workshops for media and communication’s PhDs and recent alumni.

A series of sessions designed to provide ‘How To’s’ for PhDs and early career scholars: CVs and how to read an advert (Prof. Sean Cubitt); Applying to academic jobs, attending interviews and dealing with contracts (Dr. Carolina Matos); Publishing (Prof. Mike Featherstone, Prof. Lisa Blackman and Prof. Sean Cubitt); Postdoctoral research and research funding opportunities (Dr. Richard MacDonald and Dr. Muriel Swijghuisen); Early career publishing: A panel with early career scholars and PhDs who share their various publishing experiences.

21-22 May 2014 – Co-organised with Professor Marianne Franklin and Paola Crespi – Two days master class and symposium – Critical Ways of Seeing: Visualizing Knowledge and the Digital – Tool, Politics or Art?.

Speakers: Dr Philippe Rekacewicz (Head Geographer & Cartographer, Le Monde Diplomatique), Giulio Frigieri (Infographics, The Guardian), Alfredo Cramerotti (MOSTYN, Wales’ Contemporary Art Centre), Mushon Zer-Aviv (Media Activist, Tel Aviv/New York), Galia Offri (Artist/Tel Aviv), Stefano Cagol (Contemporary Artist, Italy), Prof. Sean Cubitt (Goldsmiths) Davina Jackson (d-city network), Alex Gekker (Charting the Digital) and Lorenzo Pezzani (Forensic Oceanography).

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