Hi there! I’m Elinor, a digital rights advocate, feminist, researcher and journalist

I am a Lecturer in Media and Communication at the Sociology Department at City University, London, UK. I work on: (1) The Nuffield Foundation project “Developing a Minimum Digital Living Standard”. (2) POST Parliamentary Academic Fellowship working with the UK’s Digital, Culture, Media & Sport Committee on the project I proposed: “Digital literacies for a healthy democracy”.

I recently worked on: (1) the Nuffield Foundation project – Me and My Big Data: Developing Citizens Data Literacies. (2) The UKRI project “COVID-19: Being alone together: developing fake news immunity“.

My second monograph is out!!! Titled “Media Distortions: Understanding the Power Behind Spam, Noise, and Other Deviant Media“, published on Digital Formation, Steve Jones’ series at Peter Lang publishing.

I have been researching, writing, and teaching on data politics, deviant media, internet standards, (cyber)feminism, digital advertising, digital inclusion, data literacies, internet governance and sound studies.


On 12 April 2021 – I was interviewed for the Israeli television channel DemocratTV to talk about how Facebook engineers our political discourse, normalizes surveillance and harms our democracies.

On 3rd February 2021 I gave a book talk sponsored by several Canadian organizations: the Feminist and Accessible Publishing and Communications Technologies Speaker and Workshop Series of the IGSF of McGill university (Thanks Alex Ketchum), the Algorithmic Media Observatory of Concordia University (Thanks Fenwick McKelvey) and Machine Agencies Ryerson University, and Western University (thanks Greg Elmer). The video with captions is below.

On 11 January 2021 I started my POST parliamentary academic fellowship, to work with the UK’s Digital, Culture, Media & Sport Committee on the project I proposed: “Digital literacies for a healthy democracy”.

On 19th November 2020 I talked in a great panel around “How should we regulate big tech?”, together with Darren Jones MP (Labour Party and Chair of the BEIS Select Committee) & Alvin Carpio (Facebook You Owe Us). This was part of WebRoots Democracy closing festival. Check out the video here ->

22 October 2020 – I gave a talk at MIT’s Comparative Media Studies about my new book Media Distortions, check out the video here -> here’s the video.

30 June – 16 July 2020 – I’ve been invited by the World Health Organization (WHO) as an expert on data literacy & disinformation to the first scientific discussion on infodemiology. Here is my testimonial on the experience.

11 Feb 2020 – I’ve been invited to give evidence on Digital Literacy for the House of Lords Committee on Democracy and Digital Technologies. Here’s the recording.

28 Feb 2020 – We are launching the Me & My Big Data survey “Understanding citizens data literacy: thinking, doing & participating with our data” in London.

April 2020 – I’ve been invited to work on a content moderation project with Tarleton Gillespie at the Microsoft Research Lab in New England, USA (postponed to the fall due to Coronavirus).

I’ve been elected as Communication Chair for the Global Internet Governance Academic Network (GigaNet).